Prepare For A Job Search

How To Prepare For A Job Search

To succeed in your job search, you need to promote your skills and experiences effectively. This will make sure you catch the attention of employers. Careful planning is required. This will save you time and effort in the long term.

Good self-management and organization skills are valuable resources no matter what your experience might be- or what job you are targeting.

Job search tools often take the form of resumes, cover letters and networking letters, online media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, information meetings, networking, telephone calls, a career portfolio, Web portfolio, and calling cards. They provide employers with the first impression of you as an individual and provide an opportunity to promote yourself as a desirable candidate.

Surveys and research show the following methods are used to find employment. Most effective to least:

  • 86% Researching, then targeting the ‘hiring’ person in organizations in field of interest
  • 69% Unsolicited calls to employers in desired fields
  • 47% Directly approaching employers
  • 33% Friends, family or other professional contacts
  • 12% Combination of the other listed sources
  • 7% Randomly mailing resumes to employers
  • 6% School placement services
  • 5-24% Private employment agencies
  • 5-24% Answering job advertisements
  • 3% Public employment agencies
  • 1% Internet to find job postings or to list own resume

Free Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Job Search

  • Knowledge is power
  • Consider both personal and professional self-development options
  • Think about what you want to do, as well as what you can do

If you are conducting a serious job search campaign, you may potentially make hundreds of contacts and generate new opportunities daily. It is vital that you don’t simply rely on your memory. You need to have, and maintain, an effective filing system, just as you would make a grocery or “To Do” list.

Free Tools and Resources to Help You Prepare For Your Job Search

Preparing for your job search is critical to your job application. Listed below you will find resources that can help you save time and be more effective in your preparation.

Organise and Manage Yourself

Find Job Opportunities

Research Each Opportunity

Evaluate and Prioritize Opportunities

The following career-related articles provide further research to assist you in the job search decision-making process.The Good Careers Guide Occupational Outlook Handbook (US)

Service Providers

Service providers that can assist you with your job search and employment opportunities.


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