How to Fnd Job Opportunities

How to Find Job Opportunities

Success in finding job opportunities depends on knowing how to locate job vacancies. Job search methods include word of mouth- family/friends, newspaper ads, networking, job expos, LinkedIn, social media, online job boards, job agencies, career services, plus many others.

Be alert to finding job opportunities as they becomes available

Did you know that looking for job opportunities in newspapers only mean you will miss over 70% of available jobs.

Surprising to many job seekers only a small number of jobs are actually advertised and competition is fierce. Most job vacancies are filled through networks and internal applications. If you are serious about your job search, be alert and commit to your job search. Actively dig out and follow up on all job opportunities.

Job Search Statistics
  • Myfuture … Australia’s career information and exploration service states that only 20-30% of all jobs available are advertised.
  • Employers choose not to advertise because of cost, time, risk, confidentiality, recruitment policy, windows of opportunity, unfulfilled needs.
  • Employment advertisements are charged premium rates and can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Recruitment firms charge employers up to 25% of their clients salary package for successful job placements.

Tips for finding job opportunities

Utilize all job search resources available to you. Learn where you can get relevant information from. Make use of employment-related services to stay on top of all job opportunities. Use the following:

  • Contact professional/trade organizations in your industry
  • Company and organization websites
  • Newspapers, journals and trade magazines
  • Yellow Pages telephone directories
  • Professional associations
  • Visit career centres
  • Use placement/recruitment agencies
  • Online job search websites
  • Network (i.e. family, friends)
  • Visit employers

Free Tools to help in finding job opportunities

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Access our Online Job Search Resource List for help in finding suitable job opportunities.

Job Search Resources

Australian JobSearch:

JobSearch is Australia’s largest free online jobs website offers a range of subjects within the Australian employment industry. It provides advice to assist job seekers into employment and connect employers with quality staff. Vacancies displayed on JobSearch come from many different sources, including:

  • Public Employers
  • Job Services Australia providers
  • Newspapers
  • The Australian Public Service
  • The Australian Defence Force
  • The Harvest Trail.

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