Free Career Decision Checklist

Career Decision Checklist

What Sort of Employment Attracts your Attention:

  • Working for yourself?
  • Working for a small business?
  • Working for a large corporation or a government organisation?
  • Working from home, office or car?

I would like a Job where I can:

  • Work as part of a small group
  • Work alone
  • Work as part of a large work group
  • Have contact with clients and customers
  • Have little or no contact with customers and clients

I would like a Job that focuses on:

  • Interacting with people – caring, nursing, serving face to face or over the telephone, training, teaching, mentoring
  • Working with things – making, fixing and using tools, equipment and machines, driving trucks, using computers, building, fixing photocopiers, making furniture
  • Working with words – communicating tasks, writing, reading, speaking, translating, editing, publishing, scripting
  • Working with numbers – bookkeeping and records, spreadsheets
  • Challenge – competitive roles, improving on the last outcome, being top of the game, fast paced, level of difficulty
  • Working with plants – planting, growing, planning, laying out and tending gardens, maintaining and regenerating special plant environments
  • Working with animals: nurturing, breeding, training

I would be happy with a job where I work:

  • Weekends
  • Shift hours
  • Normal day hours
  • Overtime with extra pay
  • For different employers for short periods of time
  • Specific times of the year
  • Occasional overtime without extra pay

I would like a job which is located in a:

  • Small city
  • Large city
  • Small town
  • Remote area

In my Job I would seek a work routine where I:

  • Spend most of my work time in the same place (workshop or office)
  • Move from place to place (visting clients, driving)
  • Travel out of town, interstate, or overseas regularly
  • Work in a relaxed and calm environment
  • Work in an exciting and fast-paced environment
  • Work predominantly outdoors