Free Career Objective Worksheet

Career Objective Worksheet

Complete the Career Objective Worksheet below to help you identify and practice expressing your career objective.
While using a career objective on resumes is not common practice, it will:
  • give your resume a focal point to inform employers what you can to do for them, and
  • demonstrate the benefits you offer them.

1. Job Title:

2. Major Skills Areas Important for the job:


3. Specific tasks and/or accomplishments needed for the job:


4. Number of years experienced in desired field:

5. Most important personality trait needed for the job:

6. Check the main benefit(s) you will bring to the job:

  • Increase sales?
  • Increase market share?
  • Improve efficiency?
  • Develop new products?
  • Improve system performance?
  • Improve employee work performance?
  • Promote good customer relations?
  • Attract new clients?
  • Other?