The Hire Road Job Search & Interview Program

The Hire Road Package

The Hire Road

Program Overview

A 3 x CD professional seminar and training program designed to fast-track the job search process and make it easier. You will discover how to succeed at job interviews and learn how to anticipate questions, prepare and rehearse answers, manage nerves and how to communicate your skills. Listen and watch whenever and wherever you want and as frequently as you want!

Job Search Strategy

The first two CDs contain TheHireRoad professional seminar, which includes video clips, illustrated animations, and text. It is an innovative, step-by-step program providing job seekers with a solid job search strategy to land the perfect job quickly. It teaches how to tap into the hidden job market with a strategic approach so you can work smarter, not harder, and simplify and shorten your time in transition…

Strategic Interviewing Techniques

The HireRoad Program

The third CD is an audio containing guidance on how to answer 90+ common interview questions. The program empowers participants with the skills and poise to stand out from their competition and perform successfully at a variety of different job interviews. It educates, demonstrates and provides practical tools for job seekers to confidently perform at interviews and communicate their strengths and value adding abilities. Anyone can follow the appropriate learned steps during an interview and significantly increase their success in winning a job.

Key insights you’ll gain from TheHireRoad…
  • Why a “thank-you” e-mail or handwritten note following an interview is insufficient…and what you need to send instead.
  • Why you need a 10-second “elevator speech” to use in your job search, and how to develop this essential marketing tool.
  • How to identify hiring managers at companies where you’d like to work.
  • How to approach someone with the power to hire you.
  • Why you need business cards for your job search and how to use them.
  • How to work with executive recruiters (“headhunters”) who can get you a job, and what you need to know about recruiters.
  • How to prepare for a strategic job interview in which you redirect the conversation away from meaningless questions and focus on the value you will bring to the employer.
  • How to answer 90+ common and challenging interview questions.
  • How to negotiate the salary you deserve.
  • Over 75 additional resources that you can save, edit and print.
  • When to provide a biography instead of your resume.

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