Professional Resumes, CVs and Letters

Professional Resumes and CVs

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Professional Resumes and CVs

Your high-impact, professionally written Resume or CV will make you ‘stand out’ from other job candidates; it will highlight your unique skills and talents to position you for the job you are targeting.

The resume or CV will be designed for you and be succinct, powerful, and appealing, targeted specifically to support your career goals.

What is the difference?

Some 85-90% of all resumes are rejected during the application review process, therefore, it is essential to know how to prepare and submit a resume that will be kept for further evaluation.

Partnering with an experienced, credentialed and personalised resume writing service will ensure your resumes is one that makes its way into the winning pile!

A professional Resume Writer can help candidates:
  • Secure more interviews
  • Maximize strengths
  • Differentiate from others
  • Change to a new career
  • Land preferred jobs more quickly
  • Increase earnings potential

Professional – High Impact Cover Letters

The cover letter is a professional courtesy which conveys the same first impression as a face-to-face introduction — therefore, it must give the impression you that want to give.

Successful cover letters introduce the applicant and demonstrate their suitability for the position. Relevant criteria must be addressed in the cover letter, and the tone and content should be relevant to each particular industry and employer.

There are two types of cover letters that can be used depending on its intended purpose.

Targeted Cover Letter

The targeted cover letter is written specifically to address the requirements of one particular position. There is a format that must be followed in order to outline your experience and credentials in a way which creates a positive impact on the hiring manager.

Networking Cover Letter

The networking cover letter is used for general job search and non-advertised vacancies, where more than 80% of all positions are located — the ‘hidden job market’.

This letter gives job seekers a method to approach potential employers, stay ahead of their competition and be more selective in their job search.

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