Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria 

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Selection Criteria is a method used to screen applicants.

The purpose of preparing very specific responses to selection criteria is to demonstrate your capability by providing evidence of how you meet the selection criteria; provide specific details; and where possible, include an indicator of success or a result.

The aim of your Selection Criteria application is to convince the panel that you are worthy of being interviewed in person. Whereas a resume should be succinct, a formal Selection Criteria should give substantial detail outlining how you meet the position description and what specific experience you have to back up your claims.

If you do not provide enough of the right information, an employer will simply pass you over and look at the next application. These include selection criteria not addressed at all or the selection criteria so poorly addressed that the application does not provide sufficient evidence to judge suitability for the position.

Where the selection panel has to consider say 50+ applicants, those that make the assessment job easier are likely to be more favourably considered.

For more information readHow to Address Selection Criteria by Dr Ann D. Villiers. Published by DM Press, Canberra, ACT (Australia)

More and more employers (in both the private and public sectors) are using selection criteria to assist them short-list applicants for interviews. Regardless of the position you may be targeting, there are a handful of criteria that tend to apply across nearly all vacancies. Examples of these include:

  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Commitment to the delivery of quality customer service
  • Flexibility and a willingness to adapt to change
  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude

Addressing Selection Criteria is an important aspect of your job application; you must be very specific, demonstrate your skills and give as much relevant information to support your application as possible.

If you need specialist assistance in responding to Selection Criteria please contact us now, we have extensive experience creating both public and private sector applications.

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